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Allergic Rhinitis Treatment in Children

The most effective way to avoid pet allergens is to remove the pet from the home. However, it can take six months for the allergen levels to decrease.

If it is not possible to remove the animal from the home, you should try to keep it out of your child's bedroom at all times.

Keep the bedroom door closed.

Put a dense air filter over any heating ducts in the bedroom.

Consider using a HEPA room air cleaner in the bedroom and/or on the house furnace.

Have your child wash their hands regularly and shower before bedtime to remove animal dander before going into their bedroom.

Remove any carpet or upholstered furniture from the bedroom.

Vacuum carpets, mop floors, and dust with a damp cloth regularly to get rid of animal dander and dust. Special attention should be given to doing this in your child's bedroom since children usually spend one-third to one-half of each day in their bedroom.

Bathe the animal (if possible) as often as possible.

Next we will address decreasing household mold.

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