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Step 4: Read and complete the decision guide to learn more about your symptoms.

Acid Reflux Treatment

"Step-Up" Versus "Step-Down" Treatment

To treat your GERD, you should take the least potent drug that is still able to eliminate your symptoms. You do not need to use any medicines for your GERD if lifestyle changes keep your symptoms in check. If you still have symptoms but they are infrequent, you can benefit from over-the-counter medicines on our first step.

In order to identify the level of treatment you require, you can start with a mild treatment and work your way to more potent anti-acid therapies (called "step-up" treatment), or you can start with a potent anti-acid medicine, testing less potent therapies only when symptoms are fully controlled ( "step-down" treatment).

Many insurers require patients to use step-up treatment as a way of controlling cost, since stronger anti-acid medications are expensive. Step-up treatment is the least expensive option, but step-down treatment controls symptoms faster.

Please select your strategy for treatment.

"Step-Up" Treatment

"Step-Down" Treatment

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