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Love Your Dad? Here's 10 Heart-Healthy Gifts For Father's Day

Medically reviewed by Leigh Ann Anderson, PharmD. Last updated on April 22, 2022.

Love Your Dad? Love His Heart, Too.

With so many gifts on the market that promote health and well-being, it's easy to find that perfect thank you for dad.

Whether it's a simple, cost-free booklet of homemade gift certificates, or a new-fangled wearable device that tracks steps throughout the day, a gift that boosts heart health is a win-win for everyone.

Follow along as we outline some great gifts for dad that will show how much you really do care!

Go Take A Hike

What better way to spend the day with your dad than to get outdoors? And let's face it - outdoors and social distancing are all the rage with COVID concerns. Try these suggestions:

Pack a healthy lunch with:

  • lean protein
  • cold veggies
  • sparkling water
  • fruit salad for dessert.

Then head out to your favorite shady spot. Whether it's hiking in the mountains, up to a waterfall, or down a secluded, breezy beach, spending quality time with your special guy (minus everyone's smart phones) will be a most appreciated gift.

Consider a nifty, nordic hiking stick pair as an extra gift for your dad or other loved one, and to help burn extra calories.

Water, Water Everywhere, But Not a Drop to Drink

You know that drinking plenty of clean water is a great way to keep healthy, remain full (to avoid snacking) and stay hydrated. But does dad (or any us) drink enough water? Probably not.

Maybe he just isn't reminded to drink water each day. Consider a BPA-free water bottle for on-the-go and even a water cooler for inside the home. Smaller water coolers with purified water can often be found at grocery stores, some big-box retailers, and even online. Or order a delivery service that will bring the clean, healthful water to your home as often as you need it.

If plentiful water is at hand, everyone is more likely to drink it regularly. This is not only a Father's Day gift, but one that benefits everyone in the home.

Puppy and Kitty Love

While this is not a gift that should be bought without adequate thought and commitment from your dad or special caregiver, a puppy, older dog, or soft kitty from a shelter is another gift that benefits many. Our pets give us unconditional love on daily basis.

With so many animals waiting for their forever-home, consider a trip to the local shelter to find man's best friend. If cats are preferred, there are plenty of these bundles awaiting a home, too.

Pets not only help to boost our mood, they provide loving companionship, too.

And dogs need a walk, too -- which is good for your Pop. A 30 minute walk every day, fresh air, and lots of new 'dog' friends -- both human and canine -- are just a few of the many benefits of dog ownership. Cats can provide a loving companion for older folks who may not have the ability to get out every day for a walk. And who can resist that purr.

Heart Health. One Step at A Time.

There's nothing like a goal to get you walking, and keep you walking. And with the tech wearables that can help you track your daily activity, goals are one step closer. 10,000 steps, anyone?

Your dad or loving caregiver can see:

  • his daily number of steps
  • distance walked
  • calories burned
  • heart rate
  • floors climbed
  • active minutes
  • sleep time.

Plus, with a multitude of different color options, a tech wearable like a watch can be a fashion statement, too.

Can't afford the cost? No problem, even a digital pedometer will do the trick. Just be sure to have your favorite man run his new workout routine by his doctor prior to embarking.

Breakfast In Bed

Taking your dad out for brunch? Just beware - brunch on Father's Day can be a fat-laden meal full of calories, artery-clogging cholesterol, and sugar.

Instead of taking dad out for brunch, consider making him a healthier mid-morning breakfast, complete with:

  • whole grain blueberry muffins or whole wheat toast
  • egg white omelettes
  • turkey or Canadian bacon, lower in fat
  • freshly squeezed juice
  • heart-healthy coffee

Just be sure to leave out any preservatives, artifical colors or sweeteners, high fructose corn syrup, or trans fats. But be sure to pocket the extra money you'll save by being the chef.

Your dad might be surprised how much he loves healthier meals -- that are lighter on his bathroom scale, too. And don't forget the newspaper!

Let's Get (Dad) Physical

If your dad or special guy doesn't have a gym membership, consider starting one for him close to his work or the house. Talk about a gift that keeps on giving!

A gym membership does not have to be costly. Shop around to see what deals are offered for gym memberships in your neighborhood.

  • Many gym memberships offer great exercise equipment -- without the bells and whistles like a juice bar or child care - and cost only $10 to $20 per month with no contracts.
  • Check around locally at community centers or the YMCA which may offer special deals.
  • Maybe his work might even offer a deal on a gym membership.

Your dad -- and his heart -- will thank you!

De-Stress For Less

Money a little tight for a Father's Day gift? No worries. A great gift is one you can make yourself, right now, with just a little paper and some creativity.

Put together a booklet of Just For You gift certificates - and think about how you can help your dad or favorite man to de-stress.

  • Too hot for him to mow the lawn? Consider a certificate to take on the job yourself.
  • What about washing and waxing his car?
  • A day at the spa -- complete with a massage -- just might do the trick.
  • Give up some time to help organize that garage, fix a nice dinner, or even forfeit a night of your favorite TV so dad can watch his game.

Helping dad to de-stress -- without breaking the bank -- is a sure-fire winner for everyone.

The Music Man

Listening to your favorite tunes can really help release your anxiety, bottled-up stress, and even lower blood pressure.

But Pop not into hip-hop? Not a problem.

Gather some of his favorite tunes, even country, classical or jazz, and make a playlist tailored just to your dad or special caregiver. Mix it up just for fun to make it an original and personal gift.

Another thoughtful gift to go with the music? A great set of headphones -- that are also noise-canceling -- for those packed airplane flights when he travels.

While music is universal, encourage dad to take his individual time to listen and relax -- all in good health!

Dad's a Brianiac. Let's Keep It That Way

Who doesn't love a new toy?

As we age, working the mind is just as important as working the heart. Games, crossword puzzles, and even just regular reading can help to keep the mind active.

Consider a new game for dad. Make a date with him each week to play a game of backgammon, chess or even take a trip to the library to check out the latest NY Times bestseller.

Keeping up with exercise will benefit the brain waves, too, and dad can remain more active overall.

There's No Such Thing As A Free Lunch

Power lunches, complete with a cocktail or two, are a thing of the past for many working men.

Time efficiency at work is important to get the job done and to get home at a decent hour to spend time with family. But eating out can still be an unhealthy and costly option, even if the martini's are no longer on the bill.

  • Consider getting dad a colorful and roomy lunch bag to pack a heart-healthy lunch.
  • Cut out recipes with great low-cal lunch options, and tie them to the side of his new lunch bag.
  • Dad working from home because of COVID? Stock the fridge with items like fresh fruit, salads, and whole grains breads.
  • Then, to top it off, get yourself out of bed before he does and make a few healthy work lunches to celebrate his much deserved Father's Day.

Finished: Love Your Dad? Here's 10 Heart-Healthy Gifts For Father's Day

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