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Off-Label or Off-Limits: Should You Use a Drug for An Unapproved Use?

Did you know that you have probably been prescribed a drug "off-label" by your doctor, meaning that its use is not FDA-approved? Medically, is this a concern and should you…

Leukemia Symptoms And Lessons: Is A Solution In Sight?

Although the word "cancer" does not typically evoke feelings of excitement, we should all be thankful for the massive advances made by experts in the field of cancer research and…

Flonase: Avoid These Top 9 Mistakes

Does allergy season creep up on you, or do you have symptoms year-round? Here, review some common oversights made when using Flonase, plus a few money-saving tips, too.

HIV & AIDS Update: New Treatments, Easier Options

Treatment of HIV is still a necessity; a cure for HIV is not here yet. But HIV, if caught and treated early enough, is no longer a death sentence.

Think Before You Ink: Health Risks Associated With Tattoos

Thinking about getting inked? Before you let anyone near your skin do some research on your tattooist's hygiene standards or you may be left with much more than a trendy…

Multiple Myeloma: Has Crowd Control Ever Been As Important?

Multiple myeloma is incurable; cancer cells in the bone marrow crowd out healthy cells, boosting the risk for infections, bone fractures, and anemia. But today's new therapies are offering hope…

Sports And Dietary Supplements: From Creatine To Whey

Did you sup on a whey shake this morning after your workout? Perhaps you pumped iron courtesy of a few BCAA. Before your next sprint fueled on creatine, have a…

Looking Ahead: Pharma Projections for 2016 - And Beyond

Where's Pharma going in 2016? New blockbusters, breakout biosimilars, cost-saving generics, and drug company mergers? See what's on tap for this busy year.

Chronic Pain Management: A Healthcare Professional's Guide

With the sky-high statistics on prescription opioid abuse and overdose in the U.S., health care providers should stay up-to-date on all the treatment options for pain management, including non-opioid and…

Melatonin: Worth Losing Sleep Over?

Melatonin is an OTC supplement often used to help with insomnia, jet lag, and other sleep disorders. But is it safe and effective, or are you throwing your dollars away?

Botox For Beginners: What You Need To Know

An injection of botulinum toxin is the number one cosmetic medical treatment in the United States. Since the 1970s, doctors have found a wide-range of other medical uses for this…

Zika Virus: Important Questions Answered

From 2015 to 2016 parts of the world experienced an unprecedented outbreak of Zika virus. How did this previously little-known, mosquito-borne disease cause such global alarm?

Endometriosis: A Healthcare Professional's Guide

Endometriosis can occur at a young age and lead to infertility in women if left unchecked. Review facts every healthcare provider should know about this painful, but treatable, gynecological condition.

2015 Report Card: How The Pharmaceutical Industry Fared

Drug approvals were at a record high in 2015, but which ones were truly novel and which ones didn't make the grade?

Epilepsy in Adults: A Healthcare Professional's Guide

Epilepsy plays no favorites. What factors are important in choosing an anti-epileptic regimen, and what therapeutic pearls can you learn?
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