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Sentry AQ Mardel Maracyn-Oxy

Generic name: stabilized chlorine oxides liquid

Disclaimer: This drug has not been found by FDA to be safe and effective, and this labeling has not been approved by FDA.

Indications and Usage for Sentry AQ Mardel Maracyn-Oxy

For the treatment and control of the symptoms associated with common bacterial, fungal and viral infections of fresh and saltwater fish.

  • For true fungal infections of fish and eggs

  • Effective against common forms of bacterial fin and tail rot.


Consult a veterinarian or fish expert for assistance in diagnosis of disease causing organisms and treatment options.


Use of a hospital tank is recommended. It is always wise to check your water quality levels to ensure they are within their acceptable ranges before administering any water treatment. No water changes, pH or temperature adjustments necessary if readings are in ideal range. Maintain normal filtration and air. Use 1/2 capfull (2.5 mL) per 10 gallons of water. Repeat as needed for not more than 5 days. It is suggested to always increase tank aeration during treatment to ensure an adequate oxygen supply for sick fish. Switch off UV sterilizers during treatment. Should fish exhibit signs of distress neutralize the medication by using an aquarium dechlorinator. Follow the manufacturers directions for dosing.



For aquarium use only.


Causes irritation. Avoid contact with eyes, skin and clothing. If in eyes: Flush eyes with water for 15 minutes. Call a physician. If on Skin: Flush skin with water. (Wash clothing before reuse.) Wash thoroughly after handling. THIS PRODUCT IS INTENDED FOR THE EXCLUSIVE USE WITH THE ORNAMENTAL ORGANISMS INDICATED AND IS NOT INTENDED FOR USE WITH HUMANS OR FISH FOR HUMAN CONSUMPTION.


Stabilized chlorine oxides

How is Sentry AQ Mardel Maracyn-Oxy Supplied

Net Contents 2 fl oz (59 mL)

Net Contents 4 fl oz (118 mL)


Sentry AQ Mardel Maracyn-Oxy

Distributed by:

Sergeant's Pet Care Products, Inc., Omaha NE 68130

Sentry AQ Mardel Maracyn-Oxy
stabilized chlorine oxides liquid
Product Information
Product Type OTC ANIMAL DRUG Item Code (Source) NDC:21091-183
Route of Administration EXTRACORPOREAL DEA Schedule
Active Ingredient/Active Moiety
Ingredient Name Basis of Strength Strength
Sodium Chlorite (Chlorous Acid) Sodium Chlorite 43 mg in 1 mL
Product Characteristics
Color yellow (slight yellow tint) Score
Shape Size
Flavor Imprint Code
# Item Code Package Description
1 NDC:21091-183-04 1 BOTTLE, PLASTIC (BOTTLE) in 1 CARTON
1 118 mL in 1 BOTTLE, PLASTIC
Marketing Information
Marketing Category Application Number or Monograph Citation Marketing Start Date Marketing End Date
unapproved drug other 10/09/2009
Labeler - Sergeant's Pet Care Products, Inc. (876995171)
Sergeant's Pet Care Products, Inc.