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antibacterial wet wipes by Hangzhou Haorun Technology CO.,LTD.

Medically reviewed on March 29, 2018

Dosage form: swab
Ingredients: Benzalkonium Chloride 0.13g in 100g
Labeler: Hangzhou Haorun Technology CO.,LTD.
NDC Code: 57817-100

Disclaimer: Most OTC drugs are not reviewed and approved by FDA, however they may be marketed if they comply with applicable regulations and policies. FDA has not evaluated whether this product complies.

Antibacterial Wet Wipes

Active Ingredient

Benzalkonium chloride 0.13%




for hand washing to decrease bacteria on skin


For External use only.
Do not use if you are allergic to any of the ingredients.
When using this product Do not get into eyes,if contact occurs ,rinse throughly with water.
Discontinue use if irritation or redness develops if condition persists for more than 72 hours consults a physician.

keep out of reach of children

keep out of reach of children unless under adult supervision .if seallowed ,get medical help or contact a Poison Control Center immediately.


Thoroughly wipe hands or face with wipe,Discard in trash receptacle;do not flush.Be sure to reseal label complete to retain moisture

Inactive ingredients


benzalkonium chloride swab
Product Information
Product TypeHUMAN OTC DRUGItem Code (Source)NDC:57817-100
Route of AdministrationTOPICALDEA Schedule    
Active Ingredient/Active Moiety
Ingredient NameBasis of StrengthStrength
Benzalkonium Chloride (Benzalkonium) Benzalkonium Chloride0.13 g  in 100 g
Inactive Ingredients
Ingredient NameStrength
#Item CodePackage Description
1NDC:57817-100-011 POUCH in 1 BOTTLE
110 g in 1 POUCH
2NDC:57817-100-022 POUCH in 1 BOTTLE
28 g in 1 POUCH
3NDC:57817-100-033 POUCH in 1 BOTTLE
36 g in 1 POUCH
4NDC:57817-100-044 POUCH in 1 BOTTLE
45 g in 1 POUCH
5NDC:57817-100-055 POUCH in 1 BOTTLE
55 g in 1 POUCH
6NDC:57817-100-066 POUCH in 1 BOTTLE
65 g in 1 POUCH
7NDC:57817-100-077 POUCH in 1 BOTTLE
75 g in 1 POUCH
8NDC:57817-100-088 POUCH in 1 BOTTLE
85 g in 1 POUCH
9NDC:57817-100-099 POUCH in 1 BOTTLE
95 g in 1 POUCH
10NDC:57817-100-1010 POUCH in 1 BOTTLE
103.5 g in 1 POUCH
11NDC:57817-100-1112 POUCH in 1 BOTTLE
113.5 g in 1 POUCH
12NDC:57817-100-1215 POUCH in 1 BOTTLE
123 g in 1 POUCH
13NDC:57817-100-1318 POUCH in 1 BOTTLE
133 g in 1 POUCH
14NDC:57817-100-1420 POUCH in 1 BOTTLE
143 g in 1 POUCH
15NDC:57817-100-1525 POUCH in 1 BOTTLE
153 g in 1 POUCH
16NDC:57817-100-1630 POUCH in 1 BOTTLE
162.5 g in 1 POUCH
17NDC:57817-100-1735 POUCH in 1 BOTTLE
172.5 g in 1 POUCH
18NDC:57817-100-1840 POUCH in 1 BOTTLE
182.5 g in 1 POUCH
19NDC:57817-100-1945 POUCH in 1 BOTTLE
192.5 g in 1 POUCH
20NDC:57817-100-2050 POUCH in 1 BOTTLE
202.5 g in 1 POUCH
21NDC:57817-100-2160 POUCH in 1 BOTTLE
212.5 g in 1 POUCH
22NDC:57817-100-2272 POUCH in 1 BOTTLE
222.5 g in 1 POUCH
23NDC:57817-100-2380 POUCH in 1 BOTTLE
232.5 g in 1 POUCH
24NDC:57817-100-2490 POUCH in 1 BOTTLE
242.5 g in 1 POUCH
25NDC:57817-100-25100 POUCH in 1 BOTTLE
252.5 g in 1 POUCH
26NDC:57817-100-26110 POUCH in 1 BOTTLE
262.5 g in 1 POUCH
27NDC:57817-100-27120 POUCH in 1 BOTTLE
272.5 g in 1 POUCH
28NDC:57817-100-28150 POUCH in 1 BOTTLE
282.5 g in 1 POUCH
29NDC:57817-100-29180 POUCH in 1 BOTTLE
292.5 g in 1 POUCH
30NDC:57817-100-30200 POUCH in 1 BOTTLE
302.5 g in 1 POUCH
31NDC:57817-100-31250 POUCH in 1 BOTTLE
312.5 g in 1 POUCH
32NDC:57817-100-32300 POUCH in 1 BOTTLE
322.5 g in 1 POUCH
33NDC:57817-100-33400 POUCH in 1 BOTTLE
332.5 g in 1 POUCH
34NDC:57817-100-341 POUCH in 1 PACKAGE
343 g in 1 POUCH
35NDC:57817-100-352 POUCH in 1 PACKAGE
353 g in 1 POUCH
36NDC:57817-100-363 POUCH in 1 PACKAGE
363 g in 1 POUCH
37NDC:57817-100-374 POUCH in 1 PACKAGE
373 g in 1 POUCH
38NDC:57817-100-385 POUCH in 1 PACKAGE
383 g in 1 POUCH
39NDC:57817-100-396 POUCH in 1 PACKAGE
393.5 g in 1 POUCH
40NDC:57817-100-407 POUCH in 1 PACKAGE
403.5 g in 1 POUCH
41NDC:57817-100-418 POUCH in 1 PACKAGE
413.5 g in 1 POUCH
42NDC:57817-100-429 POUCH in 1 PACKAGE
423.5 g in 1 POUCH
43NDC:57817-100-4310 POUCH in 1 PACKAGE
434 g in 1 POUCH
44NDC:57817-100-4412 POUCH in 1 PACKAGE
444 g in 1 POUCH
45NDC:57817-100-4515 POUCH in 1 PACKAGE
454 g in 1 POUCH
46NDC:57817-100-4618 POUCH in 1 PACKAGE
464 g in 1 POUCH
47NDC:57817-100-4720 POUCH in 1 PACKAGE
474 g in 1 POUCH
48NDC:57817-100-4825 POUCH in 1 PACKAGE
484 g in 1 POUCH
49NDC:57817-100-4930 POUCH in 1 PACKAGE
494 g in 1 POUCH
50NDC:57817-100-5035 POUCH in 1 PACKAGE
504 g in 1 POUCH
51NDC:57817-100-5140 POUCH in 1 PACKAGE
514 g in 1 POUCH
52NDC:57817-100-5245 POUCH in 1 PACKAGE
524 g in 1 POUCH
53NDC:57817-100-5350 POUCH in 1 PACKAGE
534 g in 1 POUCH
54NDC:57817-100-5460 POUCH in 1 PACKAGE
544 g in 1 POUCH
55NDC:57817-100-5572 POUCH in 1 PACKAGE
554 g in 1 POUCH
56NDC:57817-100-5680 POUCH in 1 PACKAGE
564 g in 1 POUCH
57NDC:57817-100-5790 POUCH in 1 PACKAGE
574 g in 1 POUCH
58NDC:57817-100-58100 POUCH in 1 PACKAGE
584 g in 1 POUCH
59NDC:57817-100-59110 POUCH in 1 PACKAGE
594 g in 1 POUCH
60NDC:57817-100-60120 POUCH in 1 PACKAGE
604 g in 1 POUCH
61NDC:57817-100-61150 POUCH in 1 PACKAGE
614 g in 1 POUCH
62NDC:57817-100-62180 POUCH in 1 PACKAGE
624 g in 1 POUCH
63NDC:57817-100-63200 POUCH in 1 PACKAGE
634 g in 1 POUCH
64NDC:57817-100-64250 POUCH in 1 PACKAGE
644 g in 1 POUCH
65NDC:57817-100-65350 POUCH in 1 PACKAGE
654 g in 1 POUCH
66NDC:57817-100-66400 POUCH in 1 PACKAGE
664 g in 1 POUCH
Marketing Information
Marketing CategoryApplication Number or Monograph CitationMarketing Start DateMarketing End Date
OTC monograph not finalpart333A03/29/2013
Labeler - Hangzhou Haorun Technology CO.,LTD. (421308583)
Hangzhou Haorun Technology CO.,LTD.421308583manufacture(57817-100)

Hangzhou Haorun Technology CO.,LTD.

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