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Which Pharma company is leading the charge in Productive Innovation for 2012?

IDEA Pharma has launched the second annual Productive Innovation Index (PII), ranking 21 global pharmaceutical companies for their ability to add value to, and derive value from, molecules in pre-launch.

The word “innovation” is often used as a key marker of success with reference to the pharmaceutical industry. The ability to identify and develop novel treatments that represent a medical step forward is critical for the future growth of any Pharma company and in improving the treatment of many diseases. However, innovation is only valuable if it effectively reaches the market and the target patient groups. So Pharma has a role in not only researching new drugs and medical technologies, but also in ensuring it is able to commercialise such novel technologies. The question is therefore how the relative ability of Pharma companies to do this can be understood?

The Productive Innovation Index is a tool for measuring, scoring and ranking the major Pharma companies’ capabilities in delivering innovation to market. The Productive Innovation Index can be summarised as: if you gave the same molecule to two different companies in early Phase, which would make the most of it? The table shows the relative ranking, from objective measures of performance, in the five years 2006-2011.

“With innovation now taking an ever-higher priority, at least in public statements, it is important to determine what it is. It is one thing to focus on clever biology, mechanisms, targets or processes, but all companies are not equal when it comes to development – designing the product – and it is that which dictates success… Innovation should be measured by what you launch successfully, not just what you discover.

“Having an innovative pipeline is only one predictor of success – one of the poorest. How well the molecule is developed, turned into a product, is critical, and the index shows just how differently a molecule will perform depending on which company takes it forward.” comments Mike Rea, IDEA Pharma’s CEO.

Ranking for 2012:
1. Amgen
2. Johnson & Johnson
3. F. Hoffmann-La Roche/ Genentech
4. Eli Lilly
5. Novartis
6. Sanofi
7. Merck & Co
8. Pfizer
9. Abbott
10. Bayer
11. Bristol Myers Squibb
12. UCB
13. Takeda
14. GSK
15. AstraZeneca
16. Shire
17. Biogen Idec
18. Boehringer Ingelheim
19. Merck KGaA
20. Gilead
21. Teva


Ranking for 2011:
1. Johnson & Johnson
2. Amgen
3. Eli Lilly
4. F. Hoffmann-La Roche/ Genentech
5. Sanofi-Aventis
6. Novartis
7. Pfizer
8. Abbott
9. Merck & Co
10. GSK
11. Bayer
12. AstraZeneca
13. Bristol Myers Squibb




Notes to editors:

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Posted: February 2012