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This Week Pharmaceutical Blogs Discuss Departure of Managers fromPfizer’s HIV Division, Approval of Selzentry, and Johnson& Johnson Suing the Red Cross

NEWTOWN, PA, August 10, 2007 –

Three managers departed the HIV marketing team at Pfizer while the company was investigating allegations of improper marketing of the HIV drugs Viracept and maraviroc, Johnson & Johnson initiates a PR nightmare in filing a civil complaint against the American Red Cross for misuse of the Red Cross Trademark, and pharmaceutical bloggers are on the attack – against each other.

Christiane Truelove, editor of Med Ad News and R&D Directions, summarizes the thoughts of popular industry bloggers on these and other topics in this week’s PharmaBlogs: Week in Review eNewsletter.

Some of Ms. Truelove’s highlights in this eNewsletter:

  • Dr. Peter Rost at NRx finds the timing of Selzentry’s approval and the departure of Pfizer’s HIV marketers very interesting, saying “All of this could, of course, be a highly unusual string of coincidences. If it is not, it may indicate that Pfizer negotiated a quid pro quo approval in return for an internal house cleaning.”
  • Steve Woodruff of the blog Impactiviti says Johnson & Johnson has given a lesson on how to get entangled in a no-win situation. However, he says “…I actually sympathize with J&J’s business stance here. I’m no trademark lawyer, but it appears to me that the Red Cross folks took a couple of steps down a slippery slope, and the J&J people recognize that once this mark starts getting used commercially, there will be no end of violations.”
  • Ray Jordan of JNJ BTW, the company’s own blog, has posted a response to critics of the move, saying “…companies like Johnson & Johnson built on innovation and long-lived brands must resolutely defend their rights in these innovations, and in these brands.” He adds, “So, I’ve now lived a classic corporate public affairs nightmare: announcing a lawsuit against the American Red Cross. Would I have chosen this exercise as a reputation-building opportunity for Johnson & Johnson? No, of course not.”

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Posted: August 2007