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Verispan's Vector One: Antidepressant Prescribing Decreases in Teenagers

YARDLEY, Pa.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Sep 26, 2007 - According to Verispan's Vector One(R): National (VONA), total prescriptions for antidepressants for teenagers age 13 to 17 decreased nearly 18% between July 2003 and July 2007. The antidepressant market saw an even greater decrease (95%) in new-to-brand prescriptions in teenage patients during the same 4-year period. The decrease was consistent for both males and females.

VONA shows that antidepressant prescriptions for teenagers have been on the decline for the past 4 years. In contrast, antidepressant prescriptions for patients 18 and older have grown approximately 13% during the same time period.

Verispan's Physician Drug & Diagnosis Audit reports that visits by teenagers to physicians for depression decreased 23% in the past 4 years. Visits by teenage males dropped more (28%) than visits by females (23%). The percentage of teenage visits to doctors for depression where a drug was issued dropped significantly from 85% in the 12 months ending July 2004 to 69% in the 12 months ending July 2007.

About Vector One(R)

Verispan's Vector One(R) delivers the True Measure of Healthcare, projecting both traditional prescription metrics and True Patient Measures at every level, from prescriber to nation. These precise measures are delivered in record time for sales representatives and managers, brand managers and market research departments to act and make a difference. Reports are available each week for data through the previous Friday, and monthly reports are available 10 to 14 days post-period, a clear improvement over competitors' delivery timelines.

Vector One's True Patient Measures utilize de-identified patient records to track patients across time, across pharmacies, across payers and across providers, and to uniquely pinpoint projected new patient starts, product switches, continuing patients, indication-specific utilization, co-morbid conditions, concomitant use, titration, persistency and a host of other powerful metrics at the individual prescriber level.

Since it includes actual dispensing data from a near census of the nation's pharmacies, the Vector One(R) projection methodology accounts for activity that is invisible to competing services, which only cover two-thirds of stores. Vector One(R) projects third-party, Medicaid and cash activity with unparalleled precision, resulting in greater accuracy at the prescriber level.

For more information about the Vector One(R) suite of data solutions or Verispan's longitudinal patient-centric database, please contact Chris Gilhorn at (800) 982-5613 or

About the Physician Drug & Diagnosis Audit

The Physician Drug & Diagnosis Audit (PDDA) offers unique insight into physician- intended prescribing through quantitative drug and diagnosis analysis. PDDA provides national-level disease state and associated therapy data. The audit gives clients the ability to customize and segment markets across a host of physician and patient demographics. PDDA targets office-based physicians representing 29 specialties across the United States. Physicians report all patient activity during one typical workday per month. This collection methodology produces a more robust data sample than similar diagnosis audit services. Collected information is projected by region and specialty to represent the activity of office-based physicians in the United States.

PDDA data can be delivered 30 days after the close of the monthly reporting period in Verispan's Report Generator software or through quarterly CD-ROM summary reports. PDDA can be utilized for long-term market planning, current research, and to measure promotional effectiveness. PDDA remains the only diagnosis service to provide patient requests, reasons for replacement and product refill information. With the audit, clients have access to all therapeutic markets back to 1990.

For additional information regarding PDDA, please contact Melissa Leonhauser at (800) 982-5613 or

Verispan: The True Measure of Healthcare

Verispan, a healthcare informatics joint venture of Quintiles Transnational Corp. and McKesson Corp., provides a broad array of information products and services to the healthcare industry, including sales targeting and compensation products; market research audits; healthcare profiles; comprehensive managed care offerings; data integration, warehousing and mining; data analysis and consulting; direct mail; list services; disease management studies; clinical trial investigator targeting and protocol recruitment evaluation; healthcare outcomes; and cost/benefit analyses, among many others. Verispan is also the nation's leading provider of patient-centric longitudinal data, with dozens of products used by clients spanning the industry.

Posted: September 2007