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U.S. Drug Traffickers Could Face Death Penalty Under Trump Opioid Plan

Drug traffickers in the United States could face the death penalty under President Donald Trump's plan to tackle the nation's opioid addiction epidemic.

The death penalty would be imposed where appropriate under current law, according to a top administration official, the Associated Press reported.

Trump also wants to lower the amount of drugs required to trigger mandatory minimum sentences for traffickers who knowingly distribute certain illegal opioids, Andrew Bremberg, Trump's domestic policy director, told reporters Sunday.

Other measures in the plan include increased educations and awareness, and expanded access to treatment and recovery programs.

Trump is scheduled to outline his plan Monday in New Hampshire, a state hard-hit by the opioid crisis, the AP reported.

The federal death penalty is available for several limited drug-related offenses, according to the Justice Department.

It's not clear if death sentences for drug dealers would be constitutional, Ohio State University law professor Doug Berman told the AP.

He said the issue would be legally contentious and that the U.S. Supreme Court would have the final say.

Posted: March 2018