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Top 20 Pharma's R&D Spending Topped $86 billion in 2009

NEWTOWN, Pa., December 22, 2010 - Pharmaceutical companies remain on an upward R&D trend through 2010. More than 9,000 new drugs have been added to the pipeline this year, showing growth in all clinical stages of development. The pharmaceutical and biotech industries' top 20 pipeline leaders spent a combined $86.57 billion during 2009. "Pharmaceutical companies are focused on developing strong pipelines to offset the approaching patent cliff of many blockbuster brands," notes Andrew Humphreys, Editor-in-Chief of UBM Canon Data Products Group. "The top pipelines covered in this report should provide stability and continuing growth opportunities."

Several leading pharmaceutical companies have implemented large-scale and aggressive M&A strategies. In March 2009, Roche acquired Genentech, expanding its footprint in personalized medicine. And Pfizer, with the acquisition of Wyeth, has increased research emphasis on biotherapeutics and vaccines.

Editors of, a leading source for pharmaceutical business, marketing, and clinical research information, have released the second annual Top 20 Pipelines Special Report. This report details products in development and awaiting approval, and provides an analysis of each company's R&D organization, including therapeutic areas of focus and R&D expenditure. Professionals working within healthcare product manufacturing companies, as well as organizations providing services to these companies, will benefit from the valuable market and competitive insight contained within this Special Report. Each company analysis contains revenue and R&D expenditure along with an overview of corporate R&D philosophy, principles, and goals; therapeutic areas of focus; listings of R&D centers; promising products; and recent R&D news detailing product updates, clinical trials, company partnerships, R&D facilities, and more. Product details include chemical composition, indications, development status, regions of development, and developer/marketer.

Content and analysis within this report gives pharma professionals insight into successful discovery and development strategies, tracking of and the ability to track potentially competitive products, and identify drugs that have market-leading promise. This report provides an understanding of the competitive landscape and future growth drivers shaping R&D strategy and pipelines, and identifies valuable insight into trends shaping R&D investment by indication, status, and region.

About UBM Canon Data Products UBM Canon Data Products provide financial, company, and product statistical data and qualitative analysis for the global pharmaceutical, biotechnology, medical device, and appliance industries through PharmaLive Special Reports and Appliance Market Research Reports; maintains eKnowledgeBase and MDRWeb, comprehensive market intelligence tools serving the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and medical-device sectors; and manages company-wide Site Licenses for, Med Ad News, and R&D Directions.

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Posted: December 2010