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Termination of Development of Fixed Dose Combination Product of Actos + TAK-536

Takeda is continuously committed to providenovel treatment options in cardiovascular/diabetes franchises

OSAKA, Japan, June 18, 2007 --- Takeda Pharmaceutical Company Limited  ("Takeda") announced today that it has terminated the development of a fixed dose combination  product of Actos®(pioglitazone HCl), a treatment for type 2 diabetes, and Takeda's  novel investigational drug TAK-536, an angiotensin receptor blocker. The phase 3  study of this combination product has been conducted in the U.S.

Takeda found out that an improvement in pharmaceutical formulation is needed  for the fixed combination of Actos® and TAK-536, and has been reviewing its  overall development projects in the franchises of cardiovascular and diabetes,  while suspending that phase 3 study. As a result of this review, Takeda has  reached a conclusion that it is optimal to prioritize projects other than Actos®  + TAK-536 in order to provide novel treatment options as early as possible.

Takeda is continuously committed to enhance its cardiovascular and diabetes  franchises by earliest possible launching of our investigational compounds such  as SYR-322 for diabetes, TAK-475 for hypercholesterolemia, TAK-491 for hypertension  and others, and by maximizing value of these investigational compounds as well as  existing products such as Actos® and candesartan cilexitil (Blopress®, Amias®, Kenzen®, etc.).


Posted: June 2007