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Senate Introduces The Drug Safety And Accountability Act Of 2010 And Rxp Releases Drug Safety Poll Findings

WASHINGTON, Aug. 3, 2010 - Today, August 3rd , Senator Michael Bennet (D-CO) introduced the Drug Safety and Accountability Act of 2010, and the Pew Prescription Project released a poll on Americans’ confidence in drug supply chain safety. The Pew Prescription Project was also joined by major consumer, industry, and professional organizations in support of Senator Bennet’s legislation.

The Drug Safety and Accountability Act of 2010 will take needed steps to ensure the safety of the U.S. drug supply. The bill will grant the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) additional needed authorities, such as the power to mandate a drug recall, and will also strengthen drug company oversight of their contractors.

A poll commissioned this spring by the Pew Prescription Project and conducted by Hart Research Associates and Public Opinion Strategies found an overwhelming majority of Americans—nearly nine in ten—support legislation that put in place new safety measures to ensure that the prescription drugs they take are safe and free from contamination. Click here for the Pew Prescription Project Poll.

The Pew Prescription Project, joined by major groups, including AARP, American College of Physicians, Consumers Union, the Society of Chemical Manufactures and Affiliates, and Community Catalyst announced support for Mr. Bennet’s Drug Safety and Accountability Act of 2010 today in a joint letter to Congress.

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Posted: August 2010