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S&R Communications Group Reengineers Into S+R Medical Communications And Friday Morning

DURHAM, NC—S&R Communications Group, an award-winning healthcare marketing and communications firm, today announced it has reengineered into two specialized companies, S+R Medical Communications (SRMC) and Friday Morning. 

“The pharmaceutical industry is at a crossroads. In the quest to extract the maximum profit from the life-saving therapies this industry was once honored for creating, the confidence of a key stakeholder and our most important customer—the physician—has been lost,” said Dave Recht, CEO of North State Resources, the holding company for SRMC and Friday Morning. “SRMC and Friday Morning were created to reinvent the way we portray the amazing innovation and commitment to positive patient outcomes that constitute the pharmaceutical industry’s most noble ideal.”

SRMC will provide the educational vehicles that brands need to rebuild trust and help physicians and patients make better, more informed choices in healthcare. It provides educational programming that is needs-based, transparent, engaging, and disseminated through multiple channels, from traditional to digital media. 

Friday Morning is a reaction to the breakdown in promotional effectiveness and commoditization of ideas pervading pharma. It offers solutions on a project basis, through a powerful combination of deep industry experience and unique insights into what physicians will and will not respond to as promotion.

According to Dave Recht, “There has never been a more important time for clear, concise medical communications than now. New media channels and thinking are needed to increase the understanding of what product benefits are and to ensure that people know how to appropriately use them, apply them, and put their trust in them. And SRMC and Friday Morning will help pave that road.”

About S+R Medical Communications

SRMC is a full-service communications company relentlessly pursuing breakthrough creative strategies and programs for its clients. As S&R Communications Group, the company received numerous awards and other recognition for its work and earned the respect of its clients by helping them achieve their most ambitious business goals. For more information, please visit

About Friday Morning

As promotional consultants to the pharmaceutical industry, Friday Morning collaborates with like-minded individuals who appreciate the necessity of communicating with physicians in a more profound way. With a philosophy and process fostering fundamental reexamination of its customers’ external and internal communication practices, Friday Morning is dedicated to the idea that patient outcomes, physician confidence, and client success are inextricably interconnected. For more information, please visit

CONTACT: Paul Dreyer
           Managing Partner

Posted: October 2009