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Roger Green and Associates (RG+A) announce DPS Tracker

NEW HOPE, Pa., Sept. 11, 2009--Roger Green and Associates (RG+A) announced today DPS® Tracker, the first ATU/tracking system based on its highly successful Dynamic Practice Simulation® (DPS) methodology developed specifically for pharmaceutical, biotechnology and medical device companies. DPS® Tracker will provide marketers with more information than is commonly found in standard tracking studies, both domestic and global, and will also help them to define the data they should be monitoring. The yearlong program that combines a traditional ATU/tracking study with positioning and key driver analysis allows for marketing research efficiencies by eliminating the need to conduct separate studies. In a description released September 9, 2009 the company outlined nine needs that the tracking system addresses: In the first wave…

1. Complete strategic overview of your market, fully integrating patient targets, physician targets, and brand attribute goals.

2. Guidance on which brand attributes you need to “win” (be better than your key competitor), as compared to merely “tie” (only be as good as your key competitor), vs. “suffice” (achieve some minimum brand score in order to compete).

3. “Haloes and scales” analysis to identify how correlations between variables shape overall market perceptions and pinpoint the variables shaping larger attitude dimensions. In later waves…

4. A dashboard integrating brand attribute perception goals and simulated brand shares by target physician and patient segments.

5. A dashboard focusing on specific target patients or classes of patients based on common attributes.


In all waves…

6. Brand share estimates based on at least 1,500 simulated patient treatment events per wave, providing accuracy +2.5% or less at the 95% confidence level.

7. Brand tracking specifying monotherapy vs. multi-drug regimens and pinpointing the specific regimens in which your brand is receiving share.

8. Ability to adapt the instrument and exercise to function as an ad tracker or to track how new events in the market affect not only shares but also key drivers, specific patient segments, brand haloes, and attribute scales.

9. RG+A’s commitment to make your life easier by hitting timelines and budgets, translating our results into your presentation templates, and generally being the research partner you want.

“Simulated shares are more accurate and have tighter confidence intervals than traditional allocation measures.” Said Bruce Duncan, Ph.D. Chief Methodologist. “It is particularly useful for capturing combination usage.” According to Roger Green, President and CEO, “We have developed a tracking product based on DPS® offering more information at a price equivalent to traditional tracking studies.” About Roger Green and Associates, Inc. Roger Green and Associates, Inc. (RG+A), headquartered in New Hope, Pennsylvania, has been applying marketing research expertise and information to commercial healthcare challenges since 1991. RG+A’s customized solutions empower clients to prevail in their complex markets by asking better questions that lead to sound strategic decisions and by making their lives easier.

RG+A’s unique system of innovative research tools utilizes a variety of methods and real-world insights for pharmaceutical, biotech and medical device companies in the US and international markets. Our experience includes the entire product lifecycle and covers a wide range of therapeutic areas. RG+A conducts research with physicians, consumers, payers, and regulators, using proprietary quantitative and qualitative methods to simulate physician prescribing decisions and other market activities. We also build product adoption models and peak revenue forecasts. Our assignments include new product development, position/repositioning, pricing and market valuation, competitive response to new entrants, and impact modeling.

RG+A has a number of proprietary solutions that we apply in answering our clients’ business issues. Dynamic Practice Simulation® (DPS®) is a patient-centered simulating research system that serves as a basis for the company’s customized integrated DPS® platform. Other products and services include: · Impact Modeling – Models designed to incorporate results of any of our core research methods, along with other forms of primary or secondary research. · QTMTM or Qualitative-to-Modeling – A series of tools that enable us to quickly model client markets and issues based on a series of qualitative interviews, sometimes integrated with primary or secondary data. · Conjoint/DPS® Model – Combines a traditional full-profile conjoint with our DPS® methodology in a single survey instrument. · DIVA® or Dynamic Iterative Value Assessment – A moderator conducts two to five rounds of telephone interviews, feeding back to each participant the events and issues suggested by other panel members with a goal of reaching a consensus. · Aspirational Segmentation – A qualitative interviewing technique used to identify emotional drivers and to understand how they impact prescribing decisions. · Consumer Cascade – Utilizes RG+A’s entire array of research tools to understand the links between different consumer behaviors to predict how consumers may behave.

In 2009, RG+A was reported as one of the Top 50 US- based Marketing Research Organizations in an annual report conducted by Inside Research for Marketing News the official publication of the American Marketing Association. The list is also known as the “Honomichl 50”.

This is the first time a custom primary marketing research firm operating solely in the BioPharma vertical market has been listed since 2002. # # #

For more information Roger Green and Associates, contact Laurie Harris at 267-744-6400 or or visit For more information on Pharmaceutical Marketing Research Group visit

Posted: September 2009