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Remote-Control Drugs May Spell End for Pills, Jabs

Remote-control drugs may spell end for pills, jabs [Science] [Times of India]

From Times of India (February 25, 2012)

MUMBAI: Soon, you may be spared the inconvenience of popping multiple pills or getting repeated injections.

Instead, medication could be remote controlled to be dispensed straight into the body through a small embedded chip. This implantable device was successfully tested for the first time in human trials where researchers used it to administer daily doses of an osteoporosis drug, normally given by injection.

The device was tested on a group of women suffering from osteoporosis through a wireless link which dispensed drugs at regular intervals within the body.

Billed as a 'pharmacy-ona-chip', this could provide a major breakthrough in treatment to patients suffering from chronic ailments like diabetes, heart disease and cancer, and where there is need to take multiple drugs and frequent injections. The chip could be filled with a variety of drugs to treat longterm chronic conditions, and programmed to dispense them automatically, experts say.

Speaking to TOI, Robert Farra, president and CEO of MicroCHIPS Inc -- the company behind the implantable drug-delivery device, and the study's lead author, said, "The microchip is well suited for potent drugs. Diseases to be treated include osteoporosis, multiple sclerosis and acute conditions such as treatment after heart attack."

Indian doctors welcomed the development as it would simplify treatment for people with critical conditions. The company plans to file for regulatory approval for its first microchip device in 2014.

Posted: February 2012