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Poll: Higher co-pays for drugs and doctors cited as most significant change to health insurance coverage

JUPITER, FLA., February 7, 2005 -- More than 58 percent of consumers cite higher co-payments for prescription drugs and physician visits as the most significant change to their health insurance coverage during the past year, according to a recent online survey conducted by Weiss Ratings, Inc. Higher prescription drug co-pays were cited by 34.3 percent of consumers polled, while 23.8 percent indicated higher co-pays for physician visits.

The results of the online survey were based on voluntary responses from 915 individuals visiting the Weiss Ratings website ( Presented with the question, "How has your health insurance coverage changed most this year?," respondents were asked to vote once for one of five choices. The following is a summary of all responses received:

How has your health insurance coverage changed most this year?

  • Higher prescription drug co-payments 34.3%
  • Higher physician visit co-payments 23.8%
  • Other 15.7%
  • Changed provider 15.0%
  • Loss of health insurance 11.3%

"Skyrocketing healthcare expenses have forced insurance companies and hence employers to pass more costs onto their employees, resulting in higher co-pays," commented Melissa Gannon, vice president of Weiss Ratings, Inc. "This trend is likely to continue as consumers are forced to take more responsibility for an inefficient healthcare system."

Source: Weiss Ratings, Inc.

Posted: February 2005