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Phoenix Marketing International's Health Care Practice QuantifiesVisitor Confidence in Pharmaceutical Websites

DURHAM, N.C.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Apr 26, 2007 - Phoenix Marketing International, one of the fastest growing marketing services firms in the United States, announced today that its recently acquired subsidiary Johnston, Zabor, McManus, Inc. has created a "Value Index" that quantifies the effectiveness of pharmaceutical companies' websites.

The index, which measures factors such as visitor profiles, likelihood to recommend, and post-visit intentions, is an accurate, adaptable, and actionable system that enables pharmaceutical manufacturers to measure the return on investment they derive from online marketing strategies.

"We have found that brand websites for complex conditions such as cardiology, pain, and mental health pharmaceutical deliver lower than average value to site visitors," stated Scott Brown, Ph.D., vice president of product development at Johnston, Zabor, McManus. "These visitors are looking for medical information they can understand and are not finding it. To create a more valuable site experience brand managers must find the proper balance between clear writing and the depth and breadth of clinical information."

Pharmaceutical manufacturers field hundreds of websites in order to market products to patients, caregivers, and healthcare professionals. The sites serve both "push" and "pull" marketing strategies. Measuring each website's value is essential to determining its effectiveness and its return on investment.

"Executives of client companies come to us for assistance because they expect significant payback from their online marketing," continued Brown. "We found few, if any, measurement systems available that provided senior management a realistic picture of what works and what does not. The index we developed for them shows clearly which sites are meeting goals and expectations, and which ones are falling short in their performance."

Phoenix offers a unique combination of industry expertise, methods and consulting services, combining primary and syndicated marketing research expertise with database analytics and modelling proficiency. Applying this information assists clients in improving profit dynamics of their business.

About JZM

Johnston, Zabor, McManus, Inc. (JZM) provides business solutions through research. Our goal is to bring value to you and your organization through our strategic application of marketing, relationship, and communication research. JZM combines a high level of industry-based expertise with sophisticated research competencies and projective modeling by applying a "consultant" approach to business problem resolution.

JZM is a full service healthcare marketing research firm that offers a comprehensive range of research services for the management of new product discovery, development, positioning and launch. We link that knowledge with insight into the management of customer relationships to provide total market vision. Our goal is to enhance confidence in management decision making.

About Phoenix Marketing International

Founded in 1999, Phoenix Marketing International is one of the fastest growing marketing services firms in the United States and a partner of many of the largest companies in the financial services, consumer package goods, automotive, and travel and leisure industries worldwide. Phoenix also offers advanced advertising and brand measurement along with direct marketing expertise. Phoenix has offices in New York City, Rhinebeck (NY), Somerset (NJ), Detroit, Boston, Salisbury (MD), Chicago, Los Angeles, Tampa and Miami. On January 12th Phoenix acquired a major interest in JZM, a full service healthcare market research company, to serve as the foundation of its new healthcare practice.

Posted: April 2007