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Pharmaceutical eNewsletters Launch “XTRA” Content

NEWTOWN, Pa., January 28, 2009 –– Canon Communications Pharmaceutical Media Group, publisher of and, announces the launch of “XTRA” eNewsletter content. XTRA content will expand upon the articles contained in PharmaLive and TherapeuticsDaily eNewsletters with clickable links to extensive data on each company and product mentioned within articles.

“We are pleased to announce this brand extension to our e-newsletter portfolio,” commented Ron Wall, Senior Vice President, Publications, Canon Communications. “This new offering will strengthen our position as a leading provider of pharmaceutical market intelligence and will provide our audience with a greater understanding as to how news events will affect overall business strategy.”

PharmaLive and TherapeuticsDaily eNewsletters are highly respected information sources among pharmaceutical and clinical research professionals and provide quick-to-read insight into the events and trends affecting the industry on a day-to-day basis.

Business-segment eNewsletters include the Daily Advantage; Drugs in Development; Drug Approvals & Filings; Trial Results; Products, Deals, & Launches; and Product Marketing. Therapeutic-focused eNewsletters cover the development, marketing, and sales of medicines within the Cardiovascular, Central Nervous System, Infectious Disease, Oncology, and Pain & Inflammation therapeutic areas.

XTRA content will include:

• Charts detailing company R&D expenditure and revenue
• Charts detailing sales figures for medicines
• Disease/medical usage for products
• Uniqueness of medicines
• Region of development
• Developer and marketer

XTRA data is provided by eKnowledgeBase, our interactive database of pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and specialty companies, their brands, financials, pipelines, and much more.

About Canon Communications Pharmaceutical Media Group
A division of Canon Communications LLC, Canon Communications Pharmaceutical Media Group is a provider of business and marketing information to the $500 billion worldwide pharmaceutical industry. We publish well-established business magazines, including Med Ad News, R&D Directions, and Pharmaceutical and Medical Packaging News and the industry Websites and The Canon Communications Pharmaceutical Media Group corporate mission is to be a leading provider of business, marketing, and clinical research information to the pharmaceutical industry.

Posted: January 2009