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Pantarhei Biosciences Makes Proposal to Merck

ZEIST, the Netherlands, Feb. 14, 2011-On Wednesday 9 February 2011 Pantarhei Bioscience has made a proposal to Merck/MSD to take over all Women’s Health (WH) activities from former Organon in Oss, including the R&D, the toxicology, the production and the majority of the presently marketed WH products.

During the past 10 years Pantarhei Bioscience has created a portfolio with patented new treatment concepts for innovative medicines in the field of Women’s Health including new concepts for hormonal treatment of breast and prostate cancer (“Endocrine Cancer”). Most products are in Phase II of clinical development with market entry expected in 3-5 years.

Pantarhei Bioscience believes that its development pipeline will very nicely fit with former Organon.

Together it will create a new and strong player in the field of Women’s Health and Endocrine Cancer.

Posted: February 2011