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Many Americans Have COVID-19 Vaccine Preferences

THURSDAY, April 29, 2021 -- Nearly three-quarters of Americans say they have a preference for a specific COVID-19 vaccine, a new survey finds.

The poll of 1,000 people found that most (36 percent) preferred Pfizer, followed by Moderna at 19 percent and Johnson & Johnson at 17 percent, CBS News reported.

Reasons cited for wanting the Pfizer vaccine include the vaccine's efficacy (45 percent), positive study data (35 percent), reportedly fewer side effects (32 percent), reading a positive news story (29 percent), and social media posts by family and friends (21 percent), according to the results of the survey by M Booth Health, a health communications consultancy, and Savanta, a market research and advisory company.

Among those who preferred the Moderna vaccine, common reasons included efficacy (32 percent), fewer side effects (31 percent), positive study data (30 percent), and social media posts by family and friends (23 percent), CBS News reported.

Those who wanted the Johnson & Johnson vaccine listed reasons such as the fact that it requires only one shot (31 percent), preexisting trust in the brand (26 percent), or "good experiences" with the company's products in the past (19 percent).

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