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Layoffs at Amgen and Increase in DTC Advertising Are the DominatingTopics in Pharmaceutical Blogs This Week

NEWTOWN, PA, August 17, 2007 – Amgen announced this week that it will be laying off 12% to 14% of its 20,000-person work force, causing Amgen employees to speak out against CEO Kevin Sharer. DTC advertising has steadily increased over the past few years despite predictions that it would taper off. Christiane Truelove, editor of Med Ad News and R&D Directions, summarizes the thoughts of popular industry bloggers on these and other topics in this week’s PharmaBlogs: Week in Review eNewsletter.

Some of Ms. Truelove’s highlights in this eNewsletter:

• Bloggers speculate on the cause of Amgen’s layoffs. Scott Hensley at the Wall Street Journal Health Blog reports that cuts come as sales of Amgen’s anemia drug Aranesp fall, while Dr. Derek Lowe of In the Pipeline wonders if Amgen’s acquisition of Alantos was a good move.
• John Mack of the Pharma Marketing Blog is not surprised DTC spending increased saying, “The New England Journal of Medicine authors seem surprised that DTC ad spending would rise at such a rate DESPITE criticisms and pressure on pharma to reduce spending. I say the spending increased precisely BECAUSE of this pressure, especially from Congress. Pharma marketers have always lived by the rule ‘spend it or lose it.’ In the current political climate, the rule is ‘spend it while you can.’”
• Johnson & Johnson’s suit last week against the Red Cross continues to stir up comments among bloggers. The anonymous blogger at Pharm Aid says J&J has flushed whatever good will the company had from the way it handled the Tylenol tamperings in the 1980s.

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Posted: August 2007

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