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Indigenus Global Network Unites Under a Single LLC

NEW YORK, New York (April 14, 2011) – Indigenus, an independent global network of entrepreneurial healthcare creative agencies, has formally united as an LLC. This joint-ownership structure unites the founding partners in a unique alliance that offers clients worldwide the seamless delivery of inspired creative and strategic thinking.

With a network spanning both major and emerging global markets, Indigenus provides pharmaceutical and healthcare companies with innovative multichannel global branding, advertising, medical education, and medical communications offerings. Local agency teams, in partnership with global brand teams, collaborate to produce fresh solutions that bring global brand vision to life, a process Indigenus calls global fusion branding.

100% Global Coverage Achieved
In 2010, the Indigenus network’s significant global expansion efforts resulted in 100% global coverage. “Indigenus has always brought together the best entrepreneurial brains in the business,” says Rico Viray, founding Partner of Indigenus and The CementBloc in New York. “Clients know they can get consistently superior thinking from independent creative agencies, and we join forces to allow clients to tap into this kind of service on a global basis.”

The Indigenus network now includes 13 agencies in major and emerging markets, with 500+ staff: The CementBloc (USA), PAN Advertising (UK), Umbilical (Spain), Strategik & Numerik (France), Serviceplan (Germany), thenewway (Italy), Marketing Latino (Mexico), Sorento Health (India), Graphinn (Turkey), me&lewis (Canada), Lindh & Partners (Sweden), PharMa International (Japan), and Micó Publicidad (Argentina).

“We are proud to be part of this vibrant network,” says Susan Josi, Managing Partner of India’s Sorento Health. “Creativity is valued, innovation is expected, and collaboration is paramount.”

Indigenus Transcreation Center Drives Cost Efficiencies in Emerging Markets
Brand consistency and cost efficiency across emerging global markets are delivered through the Indigenus Transcreation Center (ITC), based in New York. ITC provides culturally sensitive adaptation and translation services to manage cost-efficient rollouts across local markets. ITC’s 200-country virtual network helps clients extend their global marketing reach without adding local overhead. “The network reflects the way global business is conducted today,” comments Ben Davies, Indigenus EU Chairman and CEO of UK’s PAN Advertising. “The traditional ‘agencies on the ground in 100 countries’ model is outdated. Our approach introduces true value and efficiency to global marketing.”


Moving Collaboration Forward
Indigenus was founded in 2004 to provide clients with an entrepreneurial alternative to traditional advertising agency conglomerates. In 2010, the network saw significant expansion, launch successes, and the attainment of 100% global coverage. In 2011, Indigenus will continue to expand its network; it is currently credentialing potential agency partners in Brazil, Australia, China, and Russia. Indigenus offers clients a unique collaborative model that fuses innovative local thinking with global execution to bring brand vision to life.

Visit for an introduction to the Indigenus Global Network partners and to view the inspired combinations that bring global fusion branding to life.


Posted: April 2011