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INC Research distinguishes itself as first global CRO to offer accreditation training

By Mia Burns (

INC Research has become the first global contract research organization to implement the Clinical Research Monitor Accreditation program. The program is an internationally recognized standard for competence in clinical research monitoring that is offered through the International Academy of Clinical Research. The new Clinical Credentialing program standardizes training of clinical research associates and establishes INC Research as the first accredited training center in the United States.

Company executives say that by ensuring that its clinical research associates meet the Clinical Credentialing standard, INC Research is positioned to reduce risks to patients and lower error rates thereby helping to accelerate new treatments to market. Exceptional training and global recognition of skills also is expected to help attract and retain top clinical research professionals. IAoCR’s credentialing process focuses on independent verification of an individual’s ability to monitor clinical trials effectively in real-life situations and was launched in direct response to the industry’s growing demand for accreditation of clinical research professionals. INC Research will train its clinical research associates, beginning with entry-level monitors, according to the new IAoCR program, a process spanning two to three months including field tests.

“We look at continuous improvement, ways to make our organization run better and more effectively,” says INC Research’s COO Alistair Macdonald.  “A lot of that goes into the staff, the environment, and the training that we do with them. Being able to say that your clinical research associates need a certain standard right now is impossible. It comes down to the fact that there is no exact standard. People look at resumes and they assume that seven or eight years in the field means somebody is competent. We don’t necessarily buy into that. People are competent when they prove that they are. What we have to be able to do is to know that our clinical research associates are well trained, well maintained, that they are current, and that they meet a standard. This gives us an opportunity to put that standard in place.”

IAoCR was founded in 2011 and is quickly gaining global recognition as setting the standard accreditation of professionals working in the international clinical research industry. “Competent monitors play an essential role in getting new treatments to market faster while protecting the rights and wellbeing of patients involved in clinical trials,” said IAoCR CEO Jacqueline Johnson North. “That’s why offering programs that regulate and standardize training for CRAs is so important. I commend INC Research for being the first global CRO to embrace this program.”

Macdonald told R&D Pharma Business Connect that INC Research would also enroll the clinical research associates that the company hires in the future within the program. “It is something that we are committed to,” he says. “It is a great idea. We want to get our clinical monitors up to that level, and we will do the same with new monitors, whether they are new to the industry or seasoned veterans.”

The company claims that this undertaking is a way for it to deliver the best service possible. “We like to think that the best people in the business already,” says Macdonald. “We will invest in them and their training and help them do a better job at it so that they can be more efficient and effective at it.”

INC Research Becomes First Global CRO to Offer Clinical Research Monitor Credential

Posted: September 2013