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Healthcare Industry Now Offering Improved Diagnoses, Earlier Interventions, and Better Medical Outcomes with Personalized Medicine

Newtown, Pa., Dec. 14, 2010--The success of personalized medicine depends on accurate diagnostic texts. Experts believe that personalized medicine will eventually become the standard of care, but advancements in science and diagnostic technology, regulatory frameworks, and insurance reimbursement are required. Once the groundwork is laid, the benefits will be many, including reduced costs of healthcare by eliminating ineffective treatments, faster approvals due to predictable safety and efficacy, lower rates of adverse reactions, earlier detection, and prevention.


Within the next few years, genomic information will prevent disease and more effectively treat and diagnose disease. PharmaLive’s Personalized Medicine and Orphan Drugs Review & Outlook report examines the personalized medicine and orphan drug sectors, companies involved, as well as the drugs, technologies, and business strategies that are driving growth. DX Directions’ IVDs for Personalized Medicine report provides a comprehensive review of technology issues in developing companion IVDs, demonstrating clinical utility in personalized healthcare, reimbursement and regulatory issues, as well as consumer engagement in personalized medicine.


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Posted: December 2010