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Health Tip: Your Child Must Wear a Bike Helmet

-- A well-made bike helmet is as important to your child's safety as the bike's brakes or well-inflated tires.

The American Academy of Pediatrics offers this advice about beginning the helmet habit at the earliest age possible:

  • Make helmets a rule as soon as your child is on a bike, either as a passenger or the driver.
  • Make sure you set a good example and wear a helmet, too.
  • Explain to your child why it's important to wear a helmet, including the protection it provides.
  • Talk about how a bike must be used safely and properly.
  • Offer praise or a little treat when your child wears a helmet.
  • Don't ever allow your child to go for a ride without a helmet.
  • Encourage your child's playmates also to wear helmets.
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Posted: August 2009