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Health Tip: Travel Tips For Women With Breast Prosthesis

-- After a mastectomy, many women prefer to wear a prosthesis, in lieu of reconstructive surgery.

The prosthesis often is made of silicone gel or foam, and will be placed inside a bra or directly on a woman's chest.

Sometimes. a prosthesis can pose difficulties when traveling by plane.

The Susan G. Komen Foundation suggests:

  • Get to the airport early so there is plenty of time to go through additional screening, if necessary.
  • Request a private pat-down if you do not want to go through a body scanner.
  • If you feel comfortable, tell the security agent you are wearing a prosthesis.
  • You should not be asked to remove your prosthesis during a screening, but you may be asked to move to a private area and lift your clothing to show the prosthesis. If this makes you uncomfortable, you can opt to remove the prosthesis before the check-point, and put it through the x-ray machine in your carry-on luggage.
  • If you feel uncomfortable, ask to speak with a security supervisor.

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Posted: July 2018

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