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Health Tip: Stay Safe During Spring Cleaning

-- Cleaning your home to a sparkling shine is a good way to kick off spring. But don't forget to think about safety.

The Home Safety Council offers these safe-cleaning suggestions:

  • Keep stairs and floors clear of clutter, even while cleaning.
  • Don't carry loads that are too big to see over. If you're using stairs, leave one hand empty so you can hold onto a rail.
  • Don't allow young children to play near any bucket, especially a large one. It may pose a drowning danger.
  • Wear protective equipment, such as a mask and gloves, when working with harsh chemicals. Never mix cleaning products together.
  • Use caution when handling products marked as dangerous or poisonous. Always lock these away safely when not in use.
  • Store toys, cords or any other tripping hazards out of the way.
  • Use a stepladder or ladder to reach high places. Follow safety instructions when on a ladder to prevent falls.
  • Never use gasoline as a cleaning product, and never store it inside the home. A simple spark can ignite even gasoline vapors.
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Posted: March 2011