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Health Tip: Remind Children and Teens of Pedestrian Safety

-- Children and teens may feel like they are invincible, and that they can take care of themselves.

But whether they're walking to school, or hustling to a nearby friend's house, it's important to remind your children about pedestrian safety.

Safe Kids USA offers these suggestions:

  • Always look left, right then left again before you cross the street, and pay attention while crossing.
  • Walk across an intersection, don't run.
  • Follow all traffic signs and signals.
  • Walk in the direction against traffic, or on a path or sidewalk.
  • Whenever sunlight is dim, carry a flashlight and wear something reflective.
  • Never play in a driveway, parking lot or street.
  • Always take the same (safest) route to regular destinations. Make sure the route has the fewest intersections.
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Posted: May 2011