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Health Tip: Preventing Lyme Disease in Pets

-- People aren't the only ones who are vulnerable to Lyme disease. Fido or Fluffy also could contract the illness from an infected tick.

The American Kennel Club says Lyme disease occurs the most often in the Northeast, the Upper Midwest and on the Pacific Coast.

As is true with a human counterpart, a pet that contracts Lyme is most commonly treated with a round of antibiotics.

The AKC suggests how to prevent disease in your pet:

  • Inspect your pet for ticks after walks through the woods or grassy settings. Pay extra attention to areas in and near the paws, lips, eyes, ears and under the tail.
  • Remove any tick as quickly as possible, or visit the vet without delay.
  • Ask your vet to conduct a tick check at each exam.
  • Use a veterinarian-approved flea and tick preventive.
  • Keep grass near your home short.
  • Get your pet vaccinated for Lyme disease.

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Posted: October 2018

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