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Health Tip: Plan Ahead for Healthy Meals

-- Many people have the best intentions when it comes to cooking and eating healthy, but late nights at work and juggling family schedules can make it a challenge.

The American Diabetes Association says you should carefully plan your meals. It offers these suggestions:

  • Create a menu for the week ahead.
  • Shop for the ingredients in advance. You should never use "not having the time to shop" as an excuse.
  • Always keep a healthy supply of ingredients on hand, including olive and vegetable oil, chicken broth, frozen fruits and veggies, seasonings, healthy canned sauces and fish.
  • Keep junk food out of the house. Instead, have healthy snacks available to grab when you or family members are hungry.
  • Cook enough healthy food for leftovers or additional meals.
  • Try not to eat out too often.
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Posted: April 2009