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Health Tip: Make Your Home Safer For People With Alzheimer's

-- It's important to keep your home as safe as possible, especially if a loved one has Alzheimer's disease.

The U.S. National Institute on Aging offers these suggestions:

  • Clearly post emergency numbers and your home address near any telephone.
  • Install secure locks on all outside doors and windows.
  • Install alarms that notify you when a door or window is opened.
  • Hide a spare house key outside, in case the person with Alzheimer's locks you out of the home.
  • Avoid extension cords, which could pose tripping hazards.
  • Cover unused electrical outlets with childproof inserts.
  • Place red tape around floor vents, radiators and other heating devices to deter the person with Alzheimer's from approaching them.
  • Check all rooms for adequate lighting.
  • Stairways should have at a handrail that extends beyond the first and last steps. If possible, stairways should be carpeted or have safety grip strips. Put a gate across the stairs if there's a balance issue.
  • Keep medications and any alcohol locked and out of reach.
  • Avoid clutter, which can create confusion and danger.
  • Remove all weapons from the home or lock them up.
  • Lock all power tools and machinery.
  • Remove any poisonous plants from the home.

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Posted: December 2017

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