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Health Tip: Keeping Off the Weight

-- Losing weight is a challenge, but keeping it off can even more difficult without a good plan and healthy habits.

Here are suggestions to help you keep the weight off that you've worked so hard to lose, courtesy of the American Heart Association:

  • Understand what works best for you -- such as what rewards best motivate you, what tempts you most, and what helps you resist those temptations.
  • Be realistic about how much weight you should lose.
  • Maintain a good balance of calories taken in versus calories burned.
  • Get enough exercise. Even a brisk daily walk can help you keep those pounds off.
  • Keep notes and records of your food intake and daily activity.
  • Plan your meals, and make healthy food choices at the grocery.
  • Don't weigh yourself more than once a week.
  • Plan ahead for holidays, special occasions, and other times when you may be likely to splurge and take in additional calories.
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Posted: May 2008