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Health Tip: Keep Feet Healthy This Summer

-- The prospect of a foot injury should derail your visions of frolicking outdoors barefoot in the sun, experts warn.

The American Podiatric Medical Association offers these suggestions for protecting your feet during the summer months:

  • Don flip-flops or sandals, but avoid going barefoot. It's too easy to injure your feet or pick up an infection.
  • Wear something on your feet in public areas, such as at pools, the beach and in locker rooms.
  • Wear protective shoes in rivers, lakes and creeks.
  • Apply sunscreen on your feet, including the tops, toes, soles and ankles.
  • Drink lots of water each day.
  • Stretch your legs frequently throughout the day. Roll your ankles and wiggle your toes.
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Posted: June 2009