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Health Tip: If Your Child Wets the Bed

-- While some cases of bed-wetting are triggered by a medical condition, most often the problem occurs as a child learns bladder control.

Here are suggestions for parents to help prevent their child from bed-wetting, courtesy of the University of Florida:

  • Wake your child at regular intervals to use the bathroom. Progressively stretch out these intervals until the child makes it through the night without wetting the bed.
  • Don't let your child drink too much at night, especially beverages with caffeine. Make sure your child gets enough to drink during the day, however, to prevent dehydration.
  • Try a moisture alarm, which reacts to moisture and will wake the child to use the bathroom.
  • Have the child try bladder exercises, such as stopping and holding a stream of urine.
  • For bed-wetting problems that cannot be resolved with time and training, medication and psychotherapy may be in order.
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Posted: September 2007