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Health Tip: Feeling Dizzy? When to See Your Doctor

-- Occasional dizziness should not be a major concern. But if you feel this way often and it begins to interfere with your daily life, you may have a balance disorder, the National Institutes of Health says.

More than 40 percent of Americans will visit a doctor for an episode of dizziness at some point in their lives, the agency says.

Common reasons for dizziness include ear infection, head injury, use of certain medications and low blood pressure.

The NIH suggests visiting your doctor if:

  • You often feel dizzy or unsteady.
  • You feel like you are moving when you're standing or sitting still.
  • You lose your balance and fall.
  • You feel as if you're falling.
  • You feel lightheaded, or as if you will faint.
  • Your vision becomes blurred.
  • You feel disoriented, losing your sense of time, place or identity.

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Posted: August 2018

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