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Health Tip: Eating Fast Food?

- Fast food is so popular because it is just that -- fast. And it's easy and tastes good.

But fast food often is laden with fat, calories and sodium, and can take a toll on your health when eaten frequently.

Here are suggestions from the U.S. National Library of Medicine on making healthier fast-food choices:

  • Order pizza with less cheese, and add veggie toppings.
  • Order child-sized or a half sandwich, with lean meats and lots of vegetables, whole grain bread, and without mayonnaise and other sauces.
  • A hamburger with a plain beef patty plus lettuce and tomato is a healthier choice. Skip the cheese and sauces, and don't get a side of fries.
  • Try salads with light or fat-free dressings or lemon juice -- skip the bacon and creamy dressings.
  • As a general rule, stay away from heavily breaded or fried dishes, as well as creams, dressings and sauces.
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Posted: December 2007