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Health Tip: Check Baby's Toys for Safety Issues

-- Play time for babies and toddlers should be fun for both the young ones and their parents.

The U.S. Home Safety Council says parents should check all toys to make sure they're safe and age-appropriate for children. It offers these guidelines:

  • Use a toilet paper roll to gauge safe toy size. (Toys should be too big to fit into the child's mouth.) If any of your young one's toys fit inside the toilet paper roll, they probably are a choking hazard.
  • Inspect toys to ensure there are no broken parts.
  • Search your home for any tiny toys or parts that could pose a choking hazard.
  • Store toys and games designed for older children out of reach of younger ones.
  • Avoid toys with cords or strings that could become wrapped around a child.
  • Keep latex balloons away from children.
  • Make sure all toys have been safety-tested.
  • Don't let young children play with motorized or electric toys.
  • Throw away packaging from new toys as soon as possible.
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Posted: March 2011