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Health Tip: Baby Teeth Need Attention

- Even though baby teeth eventually fall out and are replaced by permanent teeth, they still need proper care.

Here are suggestions to keep baby's teeth healthy, courtesy of the American Academy of Family Physicians:

  • It's never too early to start brushing. As soon as the infant's first tooth erupts, start brushing twice a day with a damp washcloth.
  • Once your baby is a year old, start brushing teeth with a toothbrush and toothpaste (without fluoride) that are designed for babies.
  • Make sure your baby sees the dentist by the first birthday. Make sure the child has regular, twice yearly checkups every year.
  • Avoid too much juice, which may contain lots of sugar that can lead to decay.
  • Don't give your baby a bottle once the infant has reached 1 year of age.
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Posted: February 2008