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Health Tip: Applying Makeup Safely

-- Most eye makeup is safe, assuming it's used properly. But there's always a risk of spreading infection, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration says.

The agency says you can stay safer by:

  • Stopping makeup use if it causes any type of irritation, inflammation or signs of infection. If symptoms persist, see a doctor. And throw out any makeup used while you had symptoms of infection.
  • Washing your hands before applying eye cosmetics.
  • Making sure that any makeup applicator is clean before you use it.
  • Not sharing eye makeup.
  • Not allowing cosmetics to become covered with dust or dirt.
  • Discarding dried-up or old makeup.
  • Storing cosmetics at temperatures under 85 degrees F.
  • Avoiding direct contact with the eye when applying or removing makeup.
  • Avoiding additives that are not approved for use near the eye, such as "permanent" eyelash tints.

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Posted: December 2017

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