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Health Highlights: July 23, 2012

Here are some of the latest health and medical news developments, compiled by the editors of HealthDay:

Cargill Recalls Ground Beef

Nearly 30,000 pounds of ground beef that may contain salmonella has been recalled by Cargill Beef, Hannaford Supermarkets is alerting consumers.

The 85-percent-lean ground beef was produced at Cargill's plant in Wyalusing, Pa. on May 25, the Associated Press reported.

The recall includes ground beef sold at Hannaford Supermarkets between May 29 and June 16. The company said that customers who return ground beef with those dates will receive refunds.

"Food borne illnesses are unfortunate and we are sorry for anyone who became sick from eating ground beef we may have produced," Cargill President John Keating says in a statement, the AP reported.

Consumers can find additional information at the U.S. Department of Agriculture website.


Software Simulation of Entire Organism a First

U.S. scientists have created the first software simulation of an entire organism.

The researchers and outside experts said the model of a single-cell bacterium that lives in the human genital and respiratory tracts is a major advance toward developing computerized laboratories that could conduct complete experiments without the need for traditional instruments, The New York Times reported.

The team from Stanford University and the J. Craig Venter Institute said their simulation of the complete life cycle of the pathogen Mycoplasma genitalium was a "first draft," but added that it was the first time that an entire organism was modeled in such detail. The model included all 525 of the organism's genes.

"Where I think our work is different is that we explicitly include all of the genes and every known gene function," team's leader Markus W. Covert, an assistant professor of bioengineering at Stanford, wrote in an e-mail to The Times. "There's no one else out there who has been able to include more than a handful of functions or more than, say, one-third of the genes."

The research was published Friday in the journal Cell.


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Posted: July 2012