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GSK Has Finished Making Canada's H1N1 Vaccine Order, Public Health Agency Says

From Canadian Press DataFile (January 7, 2010)

TORONTO--The Public Health Agency of Canada says GlaxoSmithKline has filled Canada's entire H1N1 vaccine order.

Canada purchased 50.4 million doses of vaccine from the company, which made the vaccine at its plant near Quebec City.

A number of countries have announced recently that they're negotiating to reduce the size of their H1N1 vaccine orders, because public demand for the flu shots has plummeted.

But so far the Canadian government has refused to say what it will do with what could turn out to be more than 30 million doses of unused vaccine.

The Public Health Agency says there is no way to predict what will happen with the H1N1 virus.

It says for the time being Canada will hold on to enough vaccine to vaccinate every Canadian.

In an email the agency says Canada is actively looking at donating surplus vaccine, but it gives clue about when a decision might be made.

Posted: January 2010