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Generex receives broad claims U.S. patent for insulin spray dosage method

TORONTO, CANADA, Sept. 12 -- Generex Biotechnology announced that it has received a U.S. patent containing broad claims to its method of administering insulin to the buccal mucosa by spraying, using a metered dose spray device.

The patent covers methods of administering insulin as well as specific mixed micellar formulations containing the insulin. The new patent covers the same technology which is the subject of existing Generex patents, but with significantly broader claims.

Whilst prior patents were based on specific formulations, the new patent is independent of any particular formulation, providing much broader coverage.

Generex is engaged in the research and development of drug delivery systems and technology. To date, it has focused on developing a platform technology for the buccal delivery -- delivery to the oral cavity for absorption through the inner mouth mucosa -- of drugs that historically have been administered only by injection. Generex's buccal delivery technology has application to a large number of drugs.

The company presently is pursuing the development of a buccal insulin product under an agreement with Eli Lilly & Company, and is pursuing the development of a buccal morphine product under a business venture with Elan Corporation.
Source: Generex Biotechnology Corporation

Posted: September 2002