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Genentech Says Avastin Trial Did Not Meet Goal

From Associated Press (March 12, 2010)

NEW YORK -- Roche’s efforts to win new marketing approvals for a cancer treatment candidate hit another stumbling block Friday as the Swiss drugmaker said Avastin did not improve survival among prostate cancer patients in a clinical study.

Roche’s Genentech division said a combination of Avastin, the chemotherapy drug docetaxel and the steroid prednisone did not extend patients’ survival compared with chemotherapy and prednisone alone. The late-stage study was designed to test if Avastin could improve survival for men with advanced prostate cancer.

In late February, Genentech said a combination of Avastin and another drug, Xeloda, did not prolong the life of stomach cancer patients. Avastin is approved to treat advanced colorectal, breast, lung and kidney cancer.

Genentech said full results from the study will be presented in June at a meeting of the American Society of Clinical Oncology.

Posted: March 2010