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FDA Urges Industry To Take Anti-Theft Steps

From Associated Press (April 28, 2010)

NEW YORK -- The Food and Drug Administration urged pharmaceutical companies on Wednesday to take additional steps to curb cargo and warehouse thefts, following a $75 million heist from an Eli Lilly & Co. warehouse.

The heist, which occurred March 14 at an Eli Lilly warehouse in Connecticut, was the largest on record. The stolen pharmaceuticals included best-selling antidepressants Prozac and Cymbalta.

In a letter Wednesday, the agency sought to raise awareness about drug developers responsibilities to review and strengthen security. The agency also emphasized the importance of notifying and informing members of the supply chain and the public after thefts occur.

"The FDA believes every company should have a clear plan developed on how to respond to these incidents, since swift action is essential," the agency said, in a statement.


Posted: April 2010