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FDA OKs Updated Label for Lilly Insulin Humalog

From Associated Press (June 8, 2011)

INDIANAPOLIS -- Drug maker Eli Lilly and Co. said Wednesday the Food and Drug Administration approved an updated label for its top-selling insulin, Humalog, that will allow children to use a pump and that increases the amount of time recommended between changes of the pump's reservoir.

The Indianapolis company said type 1 diabetes patients who use a small pump to receive Humalog should change the pump reservoir and insertion site every three days instead of every two. People can use insulin in the pump reservoir for up to seven days.

Humalog helps people control high blood sugar. The pumps, which can be clipped onto a belt, deliver insulin around the clock through a catheter placed under the skin instead of through injections with a pin or syringe.

Humalog generated $2.05 billion in sales last year and was Lilly's fourth-best selling drug in the fourth quarter, with $525.4 million in revenue.

Company shares climbed 3 cents to $37.29 in afternoon trading.


Posted: June 2011