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Eligard 30mg approved for four-month prostate cancer

FORT COLLINS, COLO., Feb. 18, 2003 -- Atrix Laboratories announced that the company has received approval from the FDA for Eligard 30mg (leuprolide acetate for injectable suspension), for the palliative treatment of advanced prostate cancer.

This approval follows those of Eligard 7.5mg one-month and Eligard 22.5mg three-month prostate cancer products.

Sustained levels of leuprolide decreases testosterone levels to suppress tumor growth in patients with hormone-responsive prostate cancer. The liquid Eligard products are injected subcutaneously with a small gauge needle, forming a solid implant in the body that slowly releases leuprolide as the implant is bioabsorbed.

Eligard 30mg, like other hormonal treatments for prostate cancer, causes a transient increase in serum concentrations of testosterone during the first week of treatment. Patients may experience worsening of symptoms or onset of new signs and symptoms during the first few weeks of treatment. Response to Eligard 30mg should be monitored by measuring serum concentrations of testosterone and prostate specific antigen periodically.

Source: Atrix Laboratories, Inc.

Posted: February 2003