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Do-it-Yourself Botox, Not a Good Idea



NEW YORK, August 11, 2008 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- The Physicians Coalition for Injectable Safety ( today cautions patients worldwide on the risks of buying cosmetic injectables from online sources. Websites like, e-Bay and web pharmacies are among just a few of the online resources offering prescription-free Botox(R), Restylane(R) or a knock off brand of cosmetic injectables to any buyer. The Coalition warns consumers that safe, genuine cosmetic injectables may only legally be purchased by licensed physicians, and should only be injected by one's treating physician.


"Caveat emptor applies when buying any product online from an unknown source or a reseller like e-Bay or Amazon; it presents a real danger when buying purported cosmetic injectables. The buyer has no idea if its product is genuine or safe," says Coalition leader Mark Jewell, MD, of Eugene, OR. "There's a possibility the product has been obtained illegally, stored improperly or packaged incorrectly. All of these things can lead to poor outcomes including disfigurement, infection or in some cases even death. It is in your best interest to seek out a qualified physician and not take the risk from buying online."


"Genuine, FDA approved cosmetic injections in a proper medical setting, administered by a board-certified and properly qualified physician are vastly safe and rewarding procedures, says Coalition leader Mark Codner, MD of Atlanta, GA. "Counterfeit injectables and injectables that are not used properly can have devastating side effects. By injecting yourself or someone you know, you are not only taking on risk, you are engaging in the practice of medicine without a license - which in all 50 states is a criminal offense."


The Coalition warns that cosmetic injectables require both a diagnosis and prescription by a licensed, qualified physician. "The success of any cosmetic injection relies heavily on two very important factors--your doctor and the brand of injectable," says Dr. Jewell. "The expertise and training of your physician and the relationship you have with that physician and the proven track record of an authentic and properly prescribed and administered injectable mean the difference between a good or negative outcome."


The Coalition offers consumers these very simple questions to ask before considering any cosmetic injectable procedure:

-- Doctor: Is the injectable recommended by a qualified doctor who regularly treats similar conditions, in an appropriately licensed and equipped medical facility? Has the doctor examined the prospective patient before recommending treatment?

-- Brand: Is the injectable recommended approved by the U.S. FDA, in the U.S. and by equivalent agencies in the country of origin for cosmetic indications and is it appropriately labeled and packaged to reflect its authenticity and approval?

-- Safety: Is the setting a proper medically-equipped office, with safety and sterilization procedures? Has the physician evaluated conditions, recommended treatment, offered alternatives and clearly defined the potential outcomes including any complications?


To learn specifically the FDA approved brands of cosmetic injectables and their benefits, and to see video of live, appropriately administered injectables as well as real patient stories from injectable parties and more, visit and



The Physicians Coalition for Injectable Safety is an alliance of specialty physician organizations including the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, American Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, and the American Society of Ophthalmic Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery. The mission of the Coalition is to provide the public with unbiased and necessary information on injectable cosmetic treatments, appropriate injectors and where to safely access cosmetic medical procedures. Our goal is to promote treatment supervised by properly qualified and trained, board-certified doctors and to promote only the use of U.S. FDA-approved, appropriately administered product. More information can be found at



The 2400-member American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ASAPS), founded in 1967, is the leading professional organization of plastic surgeons certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery who specialize in cosmetic plastic surgery. With 2,100 members in the U.S., Canada, and many other countries, ASAPS is at the forefront of innovation in aesthetic plastic surgery around the world.



The American Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery is the world's largest specialty association that represents over 2,700 facial plastic and reconstructive surgeons throughout the world. The AAFPRS is a National Medical Specialty Society of the American Medical Association (AMA), and holds an official seat in both the AMA House of Delegates and the American College of Surgeons board of governors. AAFPRS members are board certified surgeons whose focus is surgery of the face, head, and neck



The American Society of Ophthalmic Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery represent surgeons qualified in plastic surgery of the eyelids and surrounding facial structures. Fellows of the Society are board certified in ophthalmology, have completed fellowships in ocular surgery (currently two years), and perform aesthetic, plastic, and reconstructive surgery of the face, orbits, eyelids, and lacrimal system.



Founded in 1970 at the United Nations in New York, ISAPS represents 1650 members in 85 countries and is the leading authority in international aesthetic plastic surgery. Members must pass stringent admission criteria and are all board certified or the equivalent in their home country. More information can be found at

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Posted: August 2008