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Covalence Ethical Ranking 2007

GENEVA, Jan. 2, 2008--Geneva-based Covalence is publishing today its third annual ethical reputation ranking, giving the best ranked companies as well as those companies which have made the most progress in 2007. An overview of emerging and decreasing topics is also given (see attachments).

The main results across sectors are:

> Rio Tinto, Dell and Marks & Spencer enter top 10 EthicalQuote score across sectors replacing BP, GlaxoSmithKline and Bristol Myers Squibb; Unilever, Toyota and HSBC lead the way

> Wal-Mart, Coca-Cola and Toyota show best Reported Performance

> Emerging topics in 2007 have been: Environmental Impact of Production, Eco Innovative Product, Waste Management and Anticorruption Policy, while the following criteria have lost importance: Social Impact, Social Sponsorship, Labour Standards and Human Rights Policy.

Pharmaceuticals & Biotech

Ø GSK tops the three categories. Johnson & Johnson and Bristol Myers Squibb swap ranks compared to 2006. To note, the good progression of Abbott, fourth from seventh last year.

Complete results

The complete results of Covalence Ethical Ranking 2007 are available on Excel sheets. Please see the attachments.

Emerging and Decreasing topics in 2007

The charts below show criteria having gained and lost importance during 2007 compared to 2006, both within negative and positive news.

About Covalence

Covalence’ s ethical quotation system is a reputation index based on quantifying qualitative data, which are classified according to 45 criteria such as Labour standards, Waste management, Product social utility or Human rights policy. It is a barometer of how multinationals are perceived in the ethical field.

The system integrates thousands of documents found among media, enterprise, NGO and other sources, for producing the EthicalQuote curves. These curves measure the historical evolution of the reputation of companies regarding ethical issues. They are created through the cumulative addition of positive news (documents coded as “ethical offers”, which are weighed as +1, curve ascends) and negative news (“ethical demands” weighed as -1, curve descends). The Reported Performance measure is given by cumulating positive news only.

This tool received the Cantonal Sustainable Development Prize (Geneva) in 2004 and prompted Covalence among the finalists of the Social Entrepreneur of the Year 2005 award organised by the Schwab Foundation. Since September 2006, Covalence research is being distributed by Reuters and by Thomosn Financial.

Covalence is closely monitoring 10 sectors including 200 companies that are classified as the largest market capitalizations in the Dow Jones World Index. Covalence is a limited company that was founded in Geneva in 2001 by six persons coming from social sciences and finance.

Posted: January 2008