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Chugai Expands in Singapore with Opening of Second Satellite Research Institute

?   Move is in recognition of Singapore’s standing as biomedical sciences hub
?   New research company has potential to create innovative antibody drugs with the potential of making dramatic improvements in therapeutic effects using Chugai’s novel antibody engineering technologies  
13  July  2012,  Singapore  -  Chugai  Pharmabody  Research  Pte.  Ltd.  (“CPR”)  today commemorated its opening in a ceremony officiated by Singapore Minister for Trade & Industry, Mr. Lim Hng Kiang. CPR, which started its operations in Singapore on 2nd July 2012,  is  a  research  company  that  is  fully-owned  by  Chugai  Pharmaceutical  Co.,  Ltd. (“Chugai”).  Chugai is one of Japan’s leading research-based pharmaceutical companies and a world leader in biotechnology.
“I  would  like  to  express  my  heartfelt  gratitude  to  the  Government  of  Singapore,  the Ministry of Trade and Industry, the Economic Development Board, and the Agency for Science, Technology and Research for their invaluable support of Chugai over the past 10 years,” said Mr. Osamu Nagayama, Chairman & CEO of Chugai Pharmaceutical Co.
“Our first research centre here, PharmaLogicals Research, was established in 2002 as a joint-venture and is making major progress in research that contributes to drug discovery.  The  opening  of  CPR  represents  our  company’s  fourth  satellite  research  institute, following others in Japan, South Korea, and Singapore,” he added. 
“Chugai is proud to be among one of the leading science-oriented companies that have decided to further strengthen our presence in Singapore. We are honoured to welcome Sir David Lane as the Chairman of the Board of CPR,” said Mr. Nagayama.  Sir David is the Chief Scientist of A*STAR. 
Mr. Nagayama also said that the decision to set up CPR here was due to Singapore’s excellent position as an important hub for biomedical science, its scientific infrastructure and highly-skilled multinational talent.
Innovative technologies and investment
CPR will utilise Chugai’s state-of-the-art, proprietary antibody engineering technologies to   generate   new   antibody   candidates   with   the   potential   of   making   significant improvements  in  therapeutic  effects  in  numerous  diseases  which  were  previously considered impossible with conventional antibodies. 
“Our  new  technologies,  called  recycling  and  sweeping  antibody  technologies,  are extremely  important  achievements  in  our  more  than  20-year  history  of  activities  in biopharmaceutical research,” said Mr. Nagayama.
CPR  was  established  with  an  initial  investment  of  S$1.5  million  and  Chugai  is  also looking  to  invest  approximately  S$200  million  in  Singapore  on  antibody  research  over the next five years. 
“We are immensely excited by the potential for CPR to create innovative antibody drugs with dramatic improvements in therapeutic effects that could have a wide-ranging impact on the improvement of healthcare around the world.  My sincere wish is for government agencies and  the industry  to cooperate continuously  to promote economic growth  and healthcare for the well-being of all,” he said.  
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About Chugai
Chugai  Pharmaceutical  is  one  of  Japan’s  leading  research-based  pharmaceutical companies  with  strengths  in  biotechnology  products.    Chugai,  based  in  Tokyo, specializes in prescription pharmaceuticals and is listed on the 1st section of the Tokyo Stock  Exchange.    As  an  important  member  of  the  Roche  Group,  Chugai  is  actively involved  in  R&D  activities  in  Japan  and  abroad.    Specifically,  Chugai  is  working  to develop  innovative  products  which  may  satisfy  the  unmet  medical  needs,  mainly focusing on the oncology area.
In  Japan,  Chugai’s  research  facilities  in  Gotemba  and  Kamakura  are  collaborating  to develop  new  pharmaceuticals  and  Ukima  is  conducting  research  for  technology development  for  industrial  production.    Overseas,  Chugai  Pharma  USA  and  Chugai Pharma Europe are engaged in clinical development activities in the United States and Europe.
The consolidated revenue in 2011 of Chugai totaled 373.5 billion yen (about six billion Singapore  Dollars)  and  the  operating  income  was  62.4  billion  yen  (about  one  billion Singapore Dollars).  We are aiming at the consolidated revenue of 418.5 billion yen and
operating income of 80 billion yen in 2012. 

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Posted: July 2012